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A Lesson in Z-Wave Technology

PASS Security installs several products that can be integrated with Z-Wave smart technology to help modernize and protect your home.

But what is Z-Wave technology?

Z-Wave was created by Danish company, Zensys. They wanted to create a simple and less expensive alternative to what was already available for smart homes. It is a wireless protocol that operates on the 900-900MHz radio frequency range for connectivity in a smart home.

But what does that mean?

As the desire for a smart home keeps expanding, more and more connected devices are being added to people’s houses. Several of these devices – light bulbs, heating controls, locks, garage door openers and sensors use Z-Wave to “talk” to each other. Because it runs on radio frequency, Z-Wave technology uses less energy, but has a larger range than Bluetooth. Unlike Wi-Fi, where devices have to connect to a central hub (i.e. a router), Z-Wave devices all link up together to form a mesh network. There is usually one central hub that connects to the internet but the devices themselves aren’t Wi-Fi enabled. The devices use Z-Wave connectivity to talk to the hub, and that connectivity doesn’t have to be direct; the mesh network means signals can hop from device to device. The technical term is “source-routed mesh network topology”.

You can have up to 232 nodes on this mesh network – that’s 232 individual devices.

Z-Wave Technology and PASS Security

PASS Security can install the Honeywell Lyric system to help modernize the security and comfort of your home. The Lyric system responds to simple voice commands or by mobile control. The Lyric controller can arm your security system, adjust your lights, set your thermostat, send you real-time video alerts! The Lyric system is compatible with any smart device. And with PASS Security’s 24/7 monitoring, you and your family can rest easy knowing our highly trained professionals are always standing by.

Using Z-Wave to Connect Your Home

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