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What a Difference an Upgrade Can Make!

Earlier this spring, PASS Security updated the cameras at Anthony’s Produce in St. Peter’s, Missouri. The original system was a standard analog camera system. Anthony’s Produce made the decision to upgrade to the Analog 5 megapixel Turbo system. This upgrade did not require any new cabling or power supplies. We upgraded the cameras to greatly improve their security.


This was the parking lot image before the Turbo Camera system upgrade. You can tell the color and make of the car, but not much else.


This is the parking lot image now! Viewed at full scale on the CCTV system, the license plate on the car can easily be read!


To request a quote on upgrading your system or installing a new one, call us at 618-394-1144 or 314-241-0422. You can also request a quote online by clicking HERE.


Below are some other photos from their system.

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