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Tips to Improve the Security of Your Business

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Below are some tips from this June 14, 2017 article from Small Business Trends  for improving the security of your business.

Use Keyless Entry 

PASS Security offers several locking devices to open and close office doors using access cards and key pads.

Place Cameras at Entry Points

Security cameras can be placed where you need them. Most models can be placed in spots you can’t see from the front counter.

Have Your Security System Monitored

A 24-hour monitored system is key to protecting your business when you’re not there. PASS Security’s 5-diamond rated monitoring company will notify the appropriate first responders and you if there is an alert from your security system.

Check for Dark Spots

Adequate lighting is important. Check for any dark spots both inside and outside so criminals don’t have a place to hide.

Train Your People

You can have all the policies and procedures in the world, but your employees need to follow them. Constant training and refreshing should be the norm.

Use Motion Lights

Being proactive is an important element of security for your small business. Lurking criminals can be startled away by the blast of light from a motion sensor. Capturing them on camera provides a description for identification.

Cut Hedges Back

Hedges look great outside your small business. However, making sure they are trimmed, and a reasonable height is one way to keep your business safe.

Get a Remote Gate

Having a security gate that closes remotely is another option to consider. With fences, decorative points on top provide a deterrent that look good too.

Install Bright Lights at Entrance Ways

Making sure all the entrance ways to your small business are brightly lit deters criminals. If you don’t have a light above the doorway, installing a pole mounted one that’s about 14 feet high works.

Close Blinds After Hours

Don’t give thieves the chance to window shop by leaving blinds open after you’ve closed your shop for the day. Make sure that you shut out the lights on the inside of your office to avoid tempting any passing potential robbers.

Install Direct Walkways

Pathways should lead directly to the front of your small business. Paths that meander around the sides or back can invite criminals to look for a way in. Keep hedges and shrubs trimmed back on these pathways to keep them more secure.

Be Friendly to Customers

If you run a retail outlet, being friendly deters any potential shoplifters. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, only three percent of shoplifters are “professionals” who are economically motivated. The vast majority are motivated by social or personal pressures. A friendly attitude may help ease these pressures at least for the amount of time the person is in your store and discourage him or her from acting out.

Watch for Loitering

Being aware in any kind of business is important. It’s especially helpful to zero in on any customers that won’t make eye contact. Lingering for a long time without buying something should be another tip off.

Tidy Up Shelves

Having shelving and flooring in your retail small business that is clean and organized is another deterrent. A store that looks disorganized tells potential criminals no one is paying attention.

Lock Fitting Rooms

Having locks on all fitting room doors is another security feature. Posting signs in these rooms is another shoplifting deterrent. It’s also a good idea to give employees the key that allows customers access.

Get Reinforced Steel Doors

Small businesses need to have the front-line protection of good physical doors. Steel or reinforced wood are preferable for the walk-in kind. Stay away from ornate glass on the sides because it can easily be broken. If you have a garage, make sure to have proper padlocks on the sliding doors at front.

Inventory Front Door Keys

Number and code any of the keys to your business so that you can keep track of them. If one of these keys his lost or missing from the inventory, business owners should replace each and every lock. Make sure that you get keys from employees that are leaving for whatever reason.

Walk Around the Outside of Your Building

It doesn’t matter whether you are discussing email security or physical security, small business owners need to stay vigilant. Walking around the outside and inside of your building on a regular basis will keep you apprised of any security concerns you need to fix.

Everyone including employees should keep an eye out when they are arriving or leaving work. Unfamiliar people should be questioned when they are on your company property.



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