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PASS Security Supports Public Safety with Emergency Phones

PASS Security offers emergency phone systems to help protect the public. These emergency phones can be found on college campuses, in parking areas, and along walking paths. Some of the phone towers have cameras attached for further security. The phones are programmed to call local first responders or a dedicated security department of our customer’s choice. Below are some samples of different types of emergency phones available.

For more information, or to request a quote please call 866-490-7277.

This blue phone is in a berm at a parking lot.



An emergency phone installed into a column in a parking garage.


An emergency phone with a 360-degree camera mounted above. This allows for video surveillance of the area surrounding the blue phone.


An emergency phone with cameras installed at an average face height. The color allows it to blend better into the surrounding landscape.


An emergency phone mounted to a light pole along a walking path.

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