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PASS Security can Monitor Your Existing Home or Business Security System

If your home or business has an existing security system, chances are it can be monitored by PASS Security. Popular security system manufacturers like DSC, Honeywell, and many others make equipment that is compatible with PASS Security’s monitoring service.

Contact PASS Security for a hassle-free consultation. If you choose to use our monitoring service, one of our on-site security professionals will reprogram, inspect and test your system into our monitoring center. If an alarm is triggered, a signal will be sent from your home or business to one of our trained security monitoring operators. The operator will then take the appropriate action of contacting the authorities and you.

If your existing system can’t be monitored by PASS Security, we can work with you to upgrade or replace it to meet your unique needs. A new PASS Security system or upgrade can change your standard system into one of our “Smart” systems that can be viewed from a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can receive alerts about your property in the palm of your hand!

  • To activate your existing system, click HERE.
  • For information on our smart systems, click HERE.
  • For questions, click HERE to contact our Customer Care Department.

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