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Use Your Landscape to Help Protect Your Home

Landscape Design Can Reinforce Home Security

Landscape design not only makes your property look beautiful, it can help or hinder your home’s security. Below are a few ideas to consider when planning your landscape.

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

A thief will think twice about trying to break into a home that is well lit. Consider adding motion detected automatic lights at doors and over the garage. Install “decorative uplighting” at windows and to light up trees and tall shrubs to minimize places somebody could hide.

Keep Your Landscape Low and Maintained

Overgrown shrubs and trees can be used by thieves to gain entrance to your home and for hiding. Tall shrubs next to the entry ways of your home may look nice, but they are a prime spot for somebody to hide and then gain entrance to your home. Decorate the front of your home with smaller plants. Plants with sharp points or thorns can be placed under windows for an added layer of defense.

Other Design Basics

Your landscaping should allow for good visibility by your neighbors. If your neighbors can’t see into your yard, it’s a prime target for home invasions. Keep landscape buildings like gazebos and sheds away from the main home. These low-rise buildings are easier to climb and might help an intruder gain access to an upper story. Don’t use trellises for climbing plants on the same side of the house as windows. A trellis can be climbed as easily as a ladder.

Install Security Cameras & A Security System

When installing security cameras, keep in mind that all possible entryways should be visible on the feed. Make sure the cameras you choose have a night vision function. PASS Security installs the Lyric security system. It allows for mobile control, real time video alerts, and smart home operation. The Lyric system can alert you to when the system is disarmed and can be controlled from any smart device. Place your PASS Security sign in a prominent location to let thieves know that your home is protected.

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