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Home Security Mistakes That We  Make…

Please, consider the possibility that you, yes you, might be committing numerous home security mistakes.

House Alarm Turned Off

Some people only activate it when they are not home and others only activate it when they are sleeping. The alarm should be on at all times. Simply turn it off  it when you go outside, but once back inside, switch it back on. Don’t think for a second that evidence of you being inside the house will deter an intruder. .

Not Locking Doors

Doors should be locked at all times, even if you keep going outside. Now I understand that maybe it wouldn’t be practical to lock the front door if you’re going in and out every two minutes to work on your front porch.. Keep the  doors locked whenever you go out and while you’re inside the house.

Not Locking Windows

Many windows are easier to get through than the front door, and they’re also often hidden by shrubs. Burglars love windows. Never go to sleep with an open window that can be accessed from outside. Lock all windows whenever you go out. 

Hiding Keys

If you must leave keys for your children or household staff, leave  them with a trusted adult. Don’t hide keys, perhaps a trusted neighbor that you can depend upon being there when the key is needed. 

Ladder Outside

When finished with a ladder, put it back inside immediately, this is just easy access for burglars to climb into an upstairs window. 

“Steal Me!”

Can outsiders see your valuables through your windows?  Close your blinds and or curtains. Don’t let burglars know  the contents of your home. 

Dark House

Keep the house well-lit when you’re gone, and when home, make sure there’s plenty of illumination.

“Are they on vacation?”

Your house shouldn’t trigger this question. Don’t let mail, newspapers and other deliveries accumulate. Don’t let your lawn and shrubs get overgrown. Speaking of vacations, never post on social media about your vacation until you’ve returned!

Garage Unlocked

Never leave garages unlocked, keep them locked at all times. If this is an entrance for your children, consider having a key pad installed. 

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