Rugged hardware, sophisticated software, and discreet surveillance.

The PASS Mobile OverSite 4G Covert Camera is a mobile video surveillance product designed to discreetly blend into its environment and deliver live video and recorded video via 4G LTE networks for covert applications.

As another of PASS Mobile OverSite’s all-in-one portable video solutions, the 4G Covert camera combines a high definition PTZ camera, local recording capacity (up to 4TB) and wireless transmission technology into a single, lightweight unit that is easy to install, easy to maintain, and can be moved to new locations to meet your changing requirements.

The system is ideal for rapid deployment, and requires minimal supporting infrastructure for operation, allowing user to benefit from fix-power-walk away ease of set up.

It can be utilized for multiple surveillance applications in crime hotspots and areas associated with graffiti, illegal dumping, violence, disorder, gang culture and drug dealing.

Features & Benefits:

  • HD Video
  • 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Day/Night Camera
  • Remote Access to Video and Remote Control of PTZ
  • Low Power Usage
  • ONVIF compatible

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