Monitor and Control Access in Your Facility

Enhance Your Safety & Security

While a lock and key might have been the best way to secure a building years ago, that’s no longer the case. Today, the most effective and efficient way to protect your business is with an access control system. These systems are a combination of hardware and software that allow you to give the right people access to the right places at the right times.

Access Control with PASS Security

Whether you need a keyless access control system for a single door or a multi-site campus style operation, we can design and install the right solution for your business. To meet your specific needs, we offer a full line of customizable keyless access control systems using high quality products like Software House, RS2 and AMAG. We also offer WiFi lock options for facilities that would like to add door access without adding the cost of running new wires.

Our access control systems can also be tailored to work in conjunction with your intrusion, fire and/or video systems. If you don’t have the technology or capacity to supervise your access control system in-house, we offer a hosted access control system service that allows you to have card access for your business that is both cost effective and maintenance free.

Commercial Access Control