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PASS Security makes Protecting Outdoor Assets Easy.

The Electronic Guard is a PASS Communication Hub that uses military-grade thermal imaging, artificial intelligent video analytics that can detect intruders.

Benefits of using Electronic Guard:

  • Verified video of a crime in progress means priority police response.
  • Police dispatched in real-time to catch intruders IN THE ACT.
  • Stop outdoor assets from being vandalized or stolen.
  • Keep trespassers off your property.
  • Lower costly insurance premiums.
  • More reliable than using a traditional guard service.
man watched by security video surveillance cameras

Intelligent Outdoor Alarm Detection

  • Military-grade protection.
  • Detects & tracks intruders using video analytics & artificial intelligence.
  • Extended range devices allow customizable detection zones within distances up to 500 ft.

How Does It Work?

1. ALARM IS TRIGGEREDWhen Electronic Guard detects an intruder, it triggers the alarm system and sends a video of the crime in progress to our monitoring center.

2. VIDEO VERIFICATIONOur security professionals review the alarm and verify that an intruder has entered into a protected area.

3. POLICE ARE DISPATCHEDWith verification of an actual crime in progress, the event is dispatched to the police and given higher priority.

man breaking into business, watched by security video surveillance cameras

4. POLICE & CUSTOMER NOTIFICATIONVideo of the crime in progress is sent to assist police with apprehension and also sent to the customer for further verification.

Optional Video Surveillance Integration

  • Detection devices record 24/7 and access live video using a network video recorder.
  • Communicate with surveillance cameras to gain additional detection information of a crime in progress.
  • Use custom PTZ automation to record intruders from a higher level.
tilt plan zoom video security cameras

Easily Armed & Disarmed

The Electronic Guard is easily controlled with our seamless security System integration. Arm & Disarm by either using the Keypad or from anywhere, anytime using the Alarm.com Application.

  • Arm & disarm using a keypad, smartphone or Apple Watch.
  • Optional arm & disarm notifications.
  • Program to be silent or sound the alarm.
  • Easily view system activity history.

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